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Support Services

StellarCare services are established in a way to promote positive outcomes for our client’s personal, distinct and specialised requests. In addition, StellarCare is also open and experienced in a diverse array of client care and needs. From clients including the elderly, clients with early onset or advanced Dementia providing also support for their families, those living with Cerebral Palsy or clients who have slowly become isolated and now need support to re-enter society.

The aim of StellarCare is to maintain emotional wellbeing, make positive changes, maintain independence & support each individual throughout their lives. StellarCare provides carers who share our attitudes and values, which they bring to their role as a support worker and is essential to our success. Each person’s goals & intervention is as important as the other – the practical and the possible.

24hours, on call support

StellarCare management is accessible 24/7 giving clients, families and staff reassurance that support and advice is continuously accessible. StellarCare has implemented an after-hours paging service allowing for all calls to be answered.

Attendant Care, Personal Care & Home Help

StellarCare’s main focus on Attendant Care, Personal Care and Home Help whether complete or partial, is to ensure that the client’s hygiene, nutritional and emotional needs are met. Our Disability Support Workers are professional and considerate in any situation and a high importance is placed on ensuring effective communication between clients and staff.

Holiday Support

StellarCare is focused on adapting customised holiday support allowing single people, couples or family groups to enjoy a safe and relaxed holiday away from their regular routine, with the knowledge that the carers are trained and experienced in implementing support systems. This includes complex & extensive care programs that are available at any time.

Complex & Extensive Care

StellarCare approaches people with Complex and Extensive Care by negotiating a number of different issues in their lives. As a framework, there is no generic complex needs case. Each individual with Complex or Extensive Care needs has a unique interaction between their health and social care necessities and requires a personalised and specialised approach.

Community Access

StellarCare provides flexible and innovative options for people with disabilities in the area of vocation, community access and life skill training.

Respite Care

Although many families achieve fulfilment in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family can be overshadowed without the beneficial assistance of Respite Care.