PO Box 1212, Epping VIC Australia 3076

Maria Mizzi • maria@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 008 225
Libby Gray • libby@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 009 226

Attendant Care, Personal Care & Home Help

StellarCare’s main focus on Attendant Care, Personal Care and Home Help whether complete or partial, is to ensure that the client’s hygiene, nutritional and emotional needs are met.

Our Disability Support Workers are professional and considerate in any situation and a high importance is placed on ensuring effective communication between clients and staff.

  • They are compassionate and have a high level of dedication.
  • StellarCare provides ongoing training to secure the safety and protection of all clients.
  • Our staff are attentive to emergency medical responses and have a strong knowledge of infection control.
  • Level 2 First Aid is pre-requisite of StellarCare employment, enabling our staff to accurately monitor health checks such as temperature and pulse rate.
  • In addition, our staff can assist with mild exercises, change simple dressings and relaxing massages.
  • Qualified staff will assist and accurately record the administration of medication using Webster packs and are experienced in the transfer of clients using hoists and other mobility aids.

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