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Maria Mizzi • maria@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 008 225
Libby Gray • libby@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 009 226

Philosophy of Care


StellarCare believes in raising the awareness that people with disabilities, achieve what they want to achieve, live the way they choose to live and are recognised as equal and contributing members of the community and society.

We as directors of StellarCare have a unique insight into families and clients’ needs, due to our own personal journeys and first hand experiences. These experiences have led us to form StellarCare in 2011, so we can provide a unique and high level of care for those with disabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality attendant care services to our clients.

Our client’s attendant care programs, will be flexible and individualised, with a primary focus on identifying our client’s needs and to obtain a clear understanding of their choices, aspirations and desires. Our staff will be committed to working with the clients and respecting their individual and specific needs. When implementing their unique care model, participation from our clients will promote positive outcomes for them.

  • StellarCare is committed to providing a workplace which supports and encourages all staff to uphold a high level of ethical practice and moral behaviour.
  • Staff will comply with the spirit of StellarCare Policies in a moral and legal manner to StellarCare, clients and their families, other staff members and other associates.
  • Staff will apply their best efforts to ensure that services provided meet or exceed the Victoria Disability Service Standards.