PO Box 1212, Epping VIC Australia 3076

Maria Mizzi • maria@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 008 225
Libby Gray • libby@stellarcare.com.au • 0458 009 226

About StellarCare

StellarCare is a unique boutique agency formed in 2011 by Maria Mizzi and Libby Gray (nee Ferola). As directors of StellarCare, our first hand experiences and personal journeys, even though unfortunate, have fundamentally given us an exclusive and unique insight into client’s and families’ requirements and desires. We are highly motivated, passionate and professional. Our unique and distinctive care and dedication stems from the heart, making every possibility a dream.

  • StellarCare offers a personal touch which can be overlooked in larger organisations.
  • Our aim is to address common issues by establishing a smaller scale company
    where support and care will exceed satisfaction.
  • StellarCare has no preconceptions concerning disabilities.
  • Our objective is to provide exceptional service to suit a variety of personalities.
  • We will strive to attain integration for disabled people working in society and where possible,
    will help individuals obtain work through mainstream employment.
  • We aim to pursue other ventures to enrich and expand a client’s life by introducing
    opportunities such as, integrated employment between disabled and non-disabled people
    in our company and to encourage working harmoniously and with respect.
  • On-site inspections are a unique goal of StellarCare. Our management team will do regular
    visual assessments of the condition of our client’s property, to ensure a safe and acceptable
    environment is maintained for both clients and staff.
  • StellarCare management is well-informed with educational and enjoyable community programs,
    endeavouring to enhance people’s lives and to assist each individual to appreciate their unique value.